First up this morning we visited Glen Canyon Dam for our tour. It’s the second largest dam in the US. It supplies power to 8 states. We were able to walk along the top then travel the 58 stories down to the bottom to see the turbines. The kids were also able to earn their second junior ranger badge.


We spent the rest of the afternoon traveling to Monument Valley. The countryside definitely became more arid and flat. We are staying at the View hotel, run by the Native Americans. It’s the only hotel in the park and sits right on the cliff overlooking Monument Valley.



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Antelope Canyon was our first adventure today and believe me it didn’t disappoint. We decided on Ken’s Lower Antelope tours aside supposed to be quieter than the upper canyon. Being winter also worked in our favor as there were not too many tourists. We were soooo lucky with our guide Tyrone as he let the two tours behind us go through and we were able to walk through the Canyon by ourselves. Completely unheard of from what I’ve read! We captured some beautiful images and I can’t wait to print them big for the walls!


We then headed down to the lake to see our new friends from last night. (Lower Antelope Canyon boat tours) we went to pay only to find out Catherine had paid for that for us too!! We were very honoured. The boat tour went up to the lower Canyon. It was stunning being on the water in the middle of these towing walls. So contrasting to Australia as where there is water we have trees. Here, it’s just the Colorado river cutting straight through rock.MummynmephotographyMummynmephotographyMummynmephotography


Somehow, when leaving Zion yesterday, I left the cable that connects the camera to the lap top there so we headed to Wallmart to see if we could get a replacement. Even in this tiny town it was a massive store. We re-supplied our lunches, grabbed the cable and it only took us 1.5 hrs 😂.

Dinner was a quick pizza from Pizza Hut (couldn’t believe they do gluten free bases for Benjamin) before another last dip in the spa.

Up early tomorrow to pack, checkout before heading to our Glen Canyon Dam tour and the kids second junior ranger badge.

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Ok, Ok. So i know it’s winter over here but seriously…. -4 at 9.00am!! What is that? That was the temp as we headed over to the lodge for breakfast… crazy right! We warmed up with vanilla cinnamon french toast with house made cactus maple syrup.  With happy tummy’s we set off for our first day of hiking. 12km later, we had seen the Grotto, Emerald pools, the Watchman and the Temple of Sinawava. Everywhere you turned, you were greeted with amazing scenery. Towering canyon walls, glistening streams and wild deer were all within touching distance. It was tranquil, calming and so good for the soul. Below are some quick edits as it’s late again and we have another big day tomorrow. We are hiking weeping rock before check out and then heading to Page.


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Today started with a very long walk to the Venetian hotel for a gondola ride. Unfortunately we were to early so had to settle for some photos in front of the boast instead. OMG inside that place is amazing!! I wish we could have spent more time there but we had check out at 11am and had to head back to the hotel.

MummynmephotographyIt’s such a scenic drive from Vegas to Zion National Park. You actually drive right through the mountain range!  We couldn’t believe how they accomplished that. Then, the glorious mountains inside the park are stunning. Freezing cold, but stunning! There was actually snow on the peaks, which aren’t that far up. Looks like winter is here and we better be ready. Its midnight, and currently -3 outside. Tomorrow will be a high of 2 going down to -11. Ummmm, can I come home now!.  We are staying in a little log cabin with a fire place which is lovely, there are wild dear roaming just outside. We were surprised by  how close we could get to them. Anyway, tomorrow we are hiking some of the trails so there should be some amazing scenery shots to come!



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