6 month old master C was the cutest, happiest baby ever! He flashed us so many smiles today. Mum, enjoy your sneak peek.

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  • Cara - Bonnie, I am so happy with these photos, you have captured our little man just beautifully. Can not wait to see the rest!ReplyCancel

  • bonnie - Hi Cara, I’m glad you love them. I hope they make up for the lost newborn ones! He was so good to us with all those smiles. 🙂ReplyCancel


When this yummy mummy asked to do a special ‘mummy & daughter ‘ session, I jumped at the chance! I believe the more you put in, the more memorable, fun and heartfelt it will be. This rang true again today as you can see. The images have turned out stunning. We even managed to drag daddy into a couple too. I’m so glad we did because I simply loooove the frame shot! I had such a great afternoon, it was hard not the blog the whole session!



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  • Eloise Beveridge - Oh wow! Thank you so much Bonnie, these look amazing!!! I just LOVED the beautiful setting, it was just what we wanted 🙂ReplyCancel

  • admin - Hi Eloise, I’m so happy you love them. I had an amazing time and can’t wait for you to see the rest! 🙂ReplyCancel


Did you know, that you can sticky tape a giant lollipop together, and have it stick for all of 25 milliseconds, just enough time to snap one shot. Well, neither did I until today. We were desperate, it was getting dark, little ones were on the edge….and then a miracle happened, it worked and crises was averted! Mmmm, sugar…. 🙂

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So I thought I had posted this, like, 6 months ago! Turns out, I posted it on Facebook, gave images to The House of Romill and started writing it up for the blog but didn’t quite get around to hitting the ‘publish’ button! Oh well, better late than never. In March Ayrlie turned 3 (party details – http://mummynme.com.au/?p=1384). She wanted a fairy princess party so of course I wanted to have a little session, just for her, in all her princess glory . Thankfully Robyn from The House of Romill (www.facebook.com/thehouseofromill) was able to whip up two outfits for me with only a weeks notice. It had been raining all week and the park was an absolute swamp. The only dry ground was a little mound between two trees. Only problem was that every ant, bug, spider and insect also wanted that little dry mound. After spending 20min removing the wildlife we only had a short window before the rain started again. Ayrlie had such a great time dressing up and playing princess. She loved the forest fairies the best tho. Below is the result of 6 months planning and ten minutes shooting. My fairy princess, Ayrlie.

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With 3 girls and a mummy, this daddy will never see the inside of the bathroom again! We had such a lovely afternoon at Mt Cootha gardens today. The girls definitely kept me on my toes but were just as little girls should be, full of energy, sweet, and perfect little princesses. I could have posted the whole session, enjoy!


Tee Pee by The House of Romill (www.facebook.com/thehouseofromill – message for details)

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  • Kym Potts - Hi Bonnie, thanks so much for capturing such gorgeous photos. We love them. Can’t wait to see the rest!
    Delighted with the outcome xxReplyCancel

    • admin - Your welcome, The girls were amazing. I had such a great time! 🙂ReplyCancel


Master M was born 5 weeks preemie and even at 7 weeks was such a tiny little poppet.  He was however, such a perfect model today. I didn’t think we would get any sleepy shots but M surprised us and we were able to capture both awake and asleep moments. Grandma even jumped in for a snuggle.  I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek.


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Although Daddy wasn’t able to be here today, I believe he would think, that he is the luckiest daddy in the world. Not only does he have one hot mamma for a partner, but he has an incredibly perfect little man now too! I had to stop myself from posting any more from this session as every image is just gorgeous. Thanks for making it into the studio today S and sharing the morning with me.

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Isn’t it amazing how children hold so much fun and wonder about the world. Especially 4 year old energetic boys! That was certainly the case today with this fun family session at Scarborough. The sun was shining warmly upon us and we soaked up every minute of it. Mum and Dad, you were wonderful and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

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Cuteness 101. If you want lessons, just ask Miss M because she has it down pat! How chubby are those cheeks. It just makes you want to kiss them. Sigh, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Hehe

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  • Amanda Sorrell - Thank you so much Bonnie for a beautiful shoot. These look amazing! I especially love the one of Jay and Maya xxReplyCancel

  • Natalie - Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous family xxxReplyCancel

  • Marnie - Omg Bonnie what beautiful photos. I love love the little boat, how adorable!ReplyCancel


What a great, fun filled afternoon I had today. Mum and Miss T joined me at the beach for special girly session. As is all too common these days, the clouds threatened to drench us, hence the gum boots and I’m actually glad they did.  I’m in love with with the umbrella image and want one for ‘my’ wall! Tho if you ask Miss T, I think you will find she is quite partial to Ginger the gold fish.

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How’s this for a cool Mum. On our first shot, a bigger than expected wave came and filled her beautiful shoes with mud. Second shot, cut her finger. Third shot, bitten by an ant! And yet, she is still smiling, ready for whatever is next. Talk about taking one for the team. I had such a awesome time with this family this afternoon. Master B was the funnest little dude ever! Enjoy the sneak peek guys, you deserve it!



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I was so excited to start planning Miss S’s cake smash session. After chatting with mum, we came up with beautiful pastel colored balloons of green, lemon, pearl and lavender. Her name means ‘new life/spring’ so Mum really wanted to keep it soft and fresh. I thought this was such a special thing to do.  To start, baby S was more excited about all the balloons than the cake but after mum dug in with a spoon there was no stopping her.

Happy Birthday Baby S!!




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At Easter, we took my sister and her family up to Mt Tambourine for a picnic lunch. On the way back, the sun was just starting to set and was gleaming through amazingly fluffy purple grass heads. Mark, who has now obviously been well trained in location scouting remarked how beautiful it would look for a family session. Never one to argue about having a family session, I started panning straight away!  It took another two months before we made it back there but we finally found a spot that  captured the look I was after. Unfortunately, by the time we started shooting we only had about ten minutes of sunlight left.  I definitely need to make a second trip because, tho I am probably a little biased, simply loooooove the way these turned out. What do you think?


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Today I share Benjamin’s “First Day of School” Session. I wanted to celebrate this milestone with some thing just for him. Below is my letter to him, my thoughts on this special time.


Dear Benjamin,

I knew almost immediately. It was only a matter of days later and I took the test…two little lines. Very faint, but I already knew you were there. I had butterfly’s in my tummy I was so excited! I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Daddy was ecstatic. We couldn’t wait to meet you. It was a tough 9 months and in the beginning we didn’t know if you were going to stay. I was scared you would leave us too soon. But, you are a fighter and stubborn, and you stuck in there.

When you were born, you were the most perfect thing I had ever seen, all squirmy and blue.  You didn’t make much noise, just that first little squeak. But you weren’t opening your eyes for anything! It took almost 4 days for you to take a proper peek around at this strange new world.  When we would speak to you, you would turn in our direction, you knew who were were. We were so excited to share you with the world. I couldn’t wait to introduce everyone to my precious, special little man.

Then, one day, I must have blinked too long and you turned one. You were a ball of fun on two legs (when you stayed upright!). Everything amazed and excited you. You are, even now, filled with such wonder about the world. Everyone could make you giggle and you could make anyone smile. At two and three, you were happy to go with the flow. Your favorite place was glued to my legs. At least until Daddy got home anyway.  Daddy could always light up your world. You would listen for the garage door of an afternoon and wait, with bated breath for it to open.  So excited to have your rough and tumble play mate home.

At four, you started to know your own brilliance. You loved knowledge and would seek it from anyone that would give you answers. At Kindy, you were a leader. You had many friends and were a favorite with the girls. In new situations, you were tentative at first, seeking reassurance. Then after a few moments, and a look from me confirming your ability, you were off.

Now you are five and you are strong. So rarely needing my look. Ready to take on new challenges. You still light up the world with your smile and sparkling eyes. You can’t wait to go to school. You are growing in more ways than one. You now wipe away my kisses claiming girls germs, hate the thought of having a girlfriend and think lovey stuff in movies is yuck. You can make your own breakfast, love to cook, can count to 100 in two’s. You are still a social butterfly that loves to be the life of the party. We still call you BB, for Baby Benjamin. I like that because, for me, it is the last remnant of that tiny little newborn we brought home from the hospital 5 years ago.

Today is about you.

You growing up.

Me, letting go just a little more.

Us, starting a new journey together.




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The stormy sky’s made for amazing light and mood today up at Scarborough. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. It has a beautiful park for the kiddies and would be a perfect place for a BBQ lunch. We had no time for lunching today tho as we dodged the rain drops to fit our session in before we were completely rained out. Lucky this family were so much fun to work with we were finished in no time. Enjoy your sneak peek guys.



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I love this time of year. Its perfect for family portraits outdoors. Today I caught up with one of my favorite families for some fun at the park. I do love the little man’s pout at the end tho! Sooo cute!

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  • Marnie - Omg what amazing photos Bonnie has taken again of my family. We are over the moon with them ! Soooooooo hard to not order them all! So happy!ReplyCancel


I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with a beautifully romantic family today. We took baby R’s 9 month portraits at Mt Coottha Gardens, which is where Mike proposed to Melissa (Awwww!) So sweet. Master R was definitely a ray of sunshine today and you can tell he just lights up this parents lives.  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.


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Oh my! The hair, the Elvis wave, the smiles, those baby blues…all to die for! This little man just makes you want to take him home. Today we had a lovely day at the park and studio for master T’s four month portraits. Beautiful weather, beautiful baby, beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your morning with me. 🙂

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