We didn’t know if today’s session would go ahead due to the weather but we were lucky enough squeeze our session in between showers. I’m so glad we did too because I had such a great time capturing this family! We climbed trees, rolled around in the grass and funked things up at the powerhouse. Guys, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.

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Ayrlie started planning her birthday party back in October last year while I was organizing Benjamin’s. She wanted cup cakes and balloons, fairies and her friends. So, you would think, that with 6 months planning, everything would go smoothly and be ready to go. Sigh….this was not the case. Half of the food didn’t make it to the table, the ‘out door enchanted forest garden’ was rained out, and all games were thrown to the wind. Ayrlie came down with a temperature half way through the party and wanted everyone to leave so she could go to sleep and off  she hopped to bed. I dragged her out to cut the cake and 20 min later she was straight back there. The joys of children’s parties. I however, wouldn’t have it any other way. Like a wedding, not everything always goes according to plan but I would rather dream and plan big than not at all. So, even tho I was covered head to toe in Swiss- meringue butter cream icing, we pulled it together and everyone had a great time. (Ayrlie woke up at 1 am asking where everyone went and was then ready to party on!) We also had a friend do some face painting and that was such a hit with the kids.

On the menu was- Fruit fairy wands, chocolate mouse cups with home made strawberry jam, fairy cakes, butterfly shaped fairy bread, blue berry-lemon curd cup cakes with home made lemon curd, choc-raspberry and strawberry cup cakes. We had a meringue station with choc-cinnamon, pistachio and rosewater, raspberry and lemon meringues. Mini flakes, marshmallows, fresh whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries to top things off. Hot spring rolls and home made mini quiche’s.

The birthday cake – Organic chocolate with home made blueberry jam, covered with lots, and lots of Swiss- meringue butter cream icing! Yummy!!

Back drop detail. I made two types of card stock pin-wheels and hot glued them to fabric. (with a lot of help from mum!)

Take home goodies – I loooove these flowers. They remind me of fluffy kitten tails. Fairy and Pixie dust.

I think I need to start planning her 4th birthday now, I already have some ideas!



– Happy Birthday my precious one. xx –




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I hope the Easter bunny was very generous with his goodies this morning. Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. Apart from last Easter, my sister and her family have been visiting since Benjamin was born. And hence, knowing they were coming this year, I started planing early!  We awoke to little ones excited about the long eared bunny being in their rooms and leaving eggs in their Easter caterpillar (a craft project we did by colouring in half an egg carton, adding antenna and leaving instructions for the Easter bunny to flip it over and fill it with eggs). We then had a breakfast of baked pull-a-part pumpkin French toast (www.simplebites.net) and carrot cake pancakes with home made pecan and white chocolate butter (www.goodlifeeats.com). Both were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We then lazed around the lounge enjoying each others company while waiting for the rain to stop.

Cue the big event, the Easter egg hunt! This is the kids favourite part of the day. We played some cricket,  had egg and spoon races and headed in for dinner (parmesan crusted pork loin with an orange garden salad) . I love spending time with family, enjoying good food and giggles.

I hope your day was as blessed as mine.

Bon x

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  • Caroline Moorcroft - Thank you so much for the beautiful Easter Bon. We all love to come here and spend time together. The Easter eggtivities were great 🙂ReplyCancel


As I was sitting in the car having a mini panic attack over the poring rain, I realised I had know this family for 8.5 years! The three girls are at milestone ages 13,16 and 18 and dad wanted to capture this special time with nanny. As we got out of the car, sheltering under our umbrellas, the rain started to sprinkle, and then by some miracle, it stopped. Just long enough for us run around like crazy people and take some cool fun images for this amazing family. The girls are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I love the shot of the three of them.


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Today I made a batch of yummy Choc-Orange cupcakes for Benjamin to take to school tomorrow. Last year we did Valentines Day cards but this year he requested cupcakes with pink icing. So here is the final result. Some are for his teachers and one is for a ‘special’ friend. At least he is learning early the art of giving on a very important day. One I’m sure his wife will thank me for hehe!.

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When Chey asked for beach newborn session I was so excited! I just wish our weather was more accommodating!  We turned up to the Gold Coast this afternoon and were greeted with gale force freezing winds, not very conducive for a calm newborn session. So we swaddled bubby up in all the wraps and blankets we could find and worked some very fast magic. In the end, and with some improvisation, we captured some beautiful images of the M family.

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Due to such terrible weather last weekend we had to reschedule this little lady’s session. Fortunately today, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Miss I had so much hair, it was just adorable. It took a little while for her to settle, but when she did she was a perfect little model!.  Enjoy the sneak peek R and L.

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We have made it out pretty much unscathed from all the storms over the past week. All our surrounding suburbs from about 6 streets in any direction has been without power now for 3 days! I think I would go nuts! Ayrlie and I went and had a look just  round the corner at some of the rising waters. There is a beautiful farm two streets away that over the past 6-7 hours has gone under. With the Logan river rising, many surrounding streets are now blocked due to flooding. I’m thankful the rain stopped yesterday or we would probably be cut off. This is Ayrlie, in typical cheeky fashion. Cute as a button, and knowing it!


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Unfortunately, I’m a day late and have no image to show for it! Mark has worked overtime and my lack of sleep has caught up with me and yesterday and today didn’t yield a photo to post. So I am cheating and posing one from the 2nd of Jan when we were in beautiful Port Douglas. And as it’s so hard to capture us all together I think we can let it slip through. 🙂

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Well as you can see, you can cry and have a good time all at once!. Even tho baby K was not herself, mum was so relaxed about capturing her ‘as she was’. And we did. It just so happened that with a little extra time, we captured her beautiful little girl enjoying her first birthday.

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I loved this session! We had such a great time organising and setting this up and the ‘cake smash storyboard’ is a testament to what can happen when you put in some (ok, a lot) of effort. But, how often can you truly celebrate a birthday with this much style!  Bubby A loved eating his cake, but enjoyed throwing the apples more! At the end of the day,everyone walked away with some fun memories and images that will last a lifetime.

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I can’t believe how you have grown.

There are so many things you can do today that just a month ago seamed impossible.

Today, you were so proud. “Look mummy, I tied my first bow, I did it all myself”

And that you had. After only two days of practice there it was. A perfect, white bow.

Next week you go to school. I am sad for the little boy I have lost and happy for the little man you have become.

But today, I smile, because you are proud.

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Me – “Please don’t stand on the bed, its white. See all these little marks, its your dirty toe imprints!”

Kids leave room.

Kids return to room.

Me (from the bathroom)- “Why are you back on the bed”

Me come out to see them.

Kids – “We just wanted to clean them off for you” as they are vigorously scrubbing the bed sides.

Sometimes they surprise you and do the sweetest of things.



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