Photo – A – Day 2013- Day 1


Happy New Year! Welcome to all my lovely clients and to those of you who have just stopped by.

For the last two years I have taken a photo a day for a month or two just for me. I love nothing more than looking back, day by day and noticing the little things that change month to month. You’d be surprised how much does. Hair gets longer, expressions come and go and some things last only a few days. This year I decided to share the little things in my family that make me smile. We have been away for Christmas with no internet reception so I’m a little late on the first posting. Not every image will be perfectly lit/composed or even in focus, but this is my family, daily.


Although it was Benjamin’s 5th birthday yesterday, we celebrated with the grandparents today. From previous posts, you will know he had a dinosaur/palaeontologist party last month so we continued along that theme for today. Both kids helped make and decorate the dino cup cakes. Benjamin wanted to look like a dinosaur so we gave him a stegosaurus spike for his hair (this is usually not allowed as he believes he looks like a chicken?!).

I could kiss that crinkled nose all day and not get tired of it.  My no longer so ‘little’ man.

Bon x

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