Animal Kingdom
We have decided that it’s definitely worth getting to the parks early as it’s way less crowded and we can get in a good 4-5 rides before the masses arrive.. The same was today. We first headed to the Kali river rapids but it was closed till 10 so we went to the dinosaur ride. It’s a car 4×4 ride with animations  which was super fun. We did that twice in a row before finally getting my Micky photo, along with a few others.


Then it was to the rapids! Awesome! Didn’t get too wet thank goodness so we rode that twice too. We are lucky this is a fairly quiet week as the wait time is only about ten min. After some lunch and a few bits and pieces we made a run for the Lion King stage show. I’ve heard it’s not to be missed. As we were running for the entrance a staff member asked if we were going to the show. He then escorted us through a side door, and right to the front row! *pixie dust* 😍 we couldn’t believe it…. until we realized we would probably have to do something for those front row seats! We were right and 2 min in, Mark had to stand up and give his best Wart Hog noise 😂! Kids were on the floor laughing as that was now the call for our whole seating section! The show was unbelievable and was performed only cm away from us. The kids were then picked to dance around with the dancers and play some instruments during the finale.  If you ever get a chance to go to Animal Kingdom, don’t miss this performance. It’s the best we have ever seen.



MummynmephotographyAfter another ride on the rapids we did the Kilimanjaro Safari and saw some white rhino, cheetah and elephants. Ayrlie particularly loved the giraffes.


On the way to the tree of life show we stopped in at ‘A Bugs Life’. It’s like a 4d movie with smellivision and feelivision! Complete with stink bombs and acid attacks. The special effects are beyond anything we have in Australia. We then went to watch the Flights of Wonder bird show. It was a comedy/fact/educational show about birds (obviously) and Benjamin was picked to be in one of the acts. He had to go head to head in a maths off with a talking Parrot. They were both given a sum and the first to answer won. It was so funny as the bird was super fast and Benjamin was not impressed he was getting beaten by a Parrot!. It was slightly rigged tho as whenever the presenter said the word three (the code word) the bird replied instantly with the number four. Benjamin was a good sport when he found out he was set up and he and the Parrot had a good laugh about it.


The tree of life is this truly massive tree, right in the middle of the park. had carvings, light and image projections on the trunk of the tree that made it look like it had come to life. Something quite magical.


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