Photo-A-Day – Our Middle Eastern Adventure | Day 9

Today was our last day at Atlantis. It’s sad to be leaving as we have enjoyed our time here more than we thought we would. After taking our time with breakfast, we headed out for our last trip to the waterpark before our flight to Cairo. It’s 4 hours and we arrive at 5.15pm. We are picked up by Amir, the tour company’s owner. He gets us our visas and through security with ease. It’s super quick and we are out in less than 30min. Unfortunately it then takes another 2.5 hrs to get to the hotel!! Traffic is unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like it, even in Thailand. There are no lanes and cars just drive wherever. Finally we reach the hotel. We have a pyramid view room that’s supposed to be in the new wing. Ummmm, it’s nice but a bit small. We order room service because the kids are falling asleep. The Pizzas are ok but unfortunately cold so not very appealing. Not the best first impression. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Mummy-n-Me Photography Brisbane Child Family Newborn Photographer Egypt TravelsMummy-n-Me Photography Brisbane Child Family Newborn Photographer Egypt TravelsMummy-n-Me Photography Brisbane Child Family Newborn Photographer Egypt Travels


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