photo-a-day 2013 – day 11


I know it’s supposed to be 1 photo a day, but I had already taken one of poor Benjamin asleep on the couch when Ayrlie prances out with her dress up on (socks and all!) I couldn’t help myself! You know Benjamin is sick when 1. he doesn’t eat his pancakes for breakfast and 2. he falls asleep in the middle of the day. He has had a cough and temp since lunch and at 3.15pm, asked me to come sit with him on the couch. He put his head on my lap and within 5 min was out cold. Poor little man. Hopefully he starts to feel better by tomorrow.


While he was sleeping, Ayrlie emerged from her room, dressed in her best ‘princess fairy’ outfit. She was dancing around ballerina style, as she does, half the time with her eyes closed. I don’t know where she gets the moves from, but her arms go up in the correct position, she gets up on her tippy toes, and she twirls, and twirls and twirls… Just like a real princess fairy. And that she is, to me. x


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