It’s Christmas Day!! Yay!! Kids sleep in a little which I’m considering as my Christmas present so am happy as! 😂. They unwrap their presents and play for a bit while we work out what we are up to today.


We were planning on heading somewhere nice for breakfast but find out that ice skating is opening earlier than we thought so we decide to just snack on what we have in the room and run straight for the subway. At first I was nervous about traveling on the Subway but trust me, when faced with walking 56 blocks, I’ll take it anyday. It only takes us 15 min to arrive at the top of Central Park. It’s actually our first sunny day since we have been here and the walk is gorgeous. There are the most adorable squirrels everywhere. Scuttling through the trees and snapping up nuts.


We are the second people to arrive at the rink. We decided on Lasker over the one at the Rockefeller as it’s half the price! Only $43 instead of $88 and much quieter, and larger. The kids are so excited! What an ionic way to spend Christmas Day, ice skating in Central Park, in New York! Only thing missing is snow. We get a good 1.5 hrs in before the masses arrive. We stop for a quick break and skate for another hour before heading home.



The city is much quieter today and not everything is open. On recommendation of a friend, we head to a little Italian restaurant on 52nd street. We order our last NY pizza and it’s massive! Takes up the whole table. What a way to end our stay here. Although not our favourite place along the trip, it’s sobering to know that by leaving tomorrow, this is really our last destination on our way home.


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