Today was our last at Zion Canyon which was really sad as we have loved it here. We headed down for another great breakfast before attempting our last walk. Weeping rock is the destination. A steep 15 min short walk to waterfalls. The kids were tired 5 min in as it was ridiculously steep! 25 min later, we are no closer to end and wondering where the heck we are. Turns out we are on the 3 hr track to Observation point! As we were turning around we caught a glimpse of a large animal. Took us a minute to work out it was one of the very rare big horned sheep (looks more like a goat with massive rams horns). Next thing we know it starts coming down the path and some people above us are yelling at us to get out of the way… the sheep/goat charges down the track right for us, stopping only a couple of meters away before turning and fully sliding down the mountain. It was super cool and just a bit scary 😂.


After that excitement we headed back down and off the the visitor center. I had read that the national parks have a junior ranger program that’s highly recommended for kids. When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely Park Ranger Sara. She went through the booklets with the kids and then we watched a DVD on the park and finished the worksheets. She then put on her full uniform and inducted the kids into the program, complete with a hand on heart pledge and ranger badge. OMG, the kids were so proud and excited. All they want to do now is get to the next park and collect more badges. Next one is Glen Canyon Dam tomorrow.


We need to get moving now as it’s getting late and we still have the 2.5 hr drive to Page. The drive is stunning! All the way up, over and unbelievably, through the mountains! We stopped briefly for a snowball fight and to see some Bison, arriving in Page at 5.15pm. We turned up at the western to be greeted with closed doors, and a sign saying that they were closed for refurbishment and to go to the western view across the road.


Wow! What a view it is too. The hotel thankfully is lovely, with a gorgeous view overlooking the mountains. Dinner we decide is at the blue Buddha sushi restaurant. The table beside us has this amazing sushi platter come out and I ask what it is. Apparently it’s called the firecracker and not on the menu. We start chatting with them and they were telling us about the Antelope Canyon tour we are doing tomorrow and how they run the boat tours down near lake Powell. Next thing we know, we have two lots is sushi platters arrive and the waiter said it was compliments of the couple we are talking to. We are stoked and it’s delicious! Then, desert turns up too, Yum Yum Bombs…. tempura battered Oreo, deep fried with ice cream, cream and finished with chocolate and caramel sauce! OMG soooo yummy. We thanked our new friends for the delicious goodies and headed home with full happy tummies.


It’s freezing, like -2 so of course we all head into the spa. The hotel had complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate so we grab one and spend the next hour in warm bliss.


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